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Getting the next generation into it!

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  • Getting the next generation into it!

    I wasn't sure how this would go, but I loaded my oldest up (7 years old) and we made the 3.5ish hour ride to Road America to camp and watch the races last weekend. Thats a long ride for a kid, and wasn't sure he would really enjoy staying at the track and watching races, but he wanted to do it so figured we would try!

    Loaded up, and heading out. We have Sena's so we can talk. He LOVED it. Just chattering away in his helmet talking about everything, waving at cars, singing to himself, lol.

    He decided the windscreen was to dirty so needed to clean it at a fuel stop. I can't believe how good he did. We did an hour and 15 minutes in one stretch between stops! I'm looking for a place to stop and stretch by that time!

    PXL_20220603_230625169.jpg Finally made it! I hadn't reserved campsites as I wasn't sure it was going to work until a day or so before hand. We ended up in "owl" overflow camping. Which ended up being nice and quiet. Perfect for us! We were supposed to be down by the road in the marked spots, but i saw 2 vans up on top of the hill where it was went up there. The exit of turn 1 is behind us.

    PXL_20220603_231124942.MP.jpg Setting our tent up.

    Set up, and raring to go explore the track.

    PXL_20220604_015055748.MP.jpg He should be asleep, but he was way to excited about seeing the racing the next day and the whole experience, so he is sitting on the bike with a headlamp looking at the program, lol

    PXL_20220604_122724477.jpg Bright an early Saturday morning he is on the bike waiting for me, wants to go see the bikes, and see "where they are going the fastest!"

    We made our way down towards the end of the front strait where Ray Hofman was pitted so was able to catch his reaction the first time the Supersport bikes came by at speed click on link for video, don't know how to embed:

    PXL_20220604_205146433.jpg Waiting as patiently as a 7 year old can for Ray to get to his pits. We go ice riding with Ray so he is a big fan of him, and was super excited to get to see his pits and cheer him on. He wasn't really interested in looking at to many other bikes in the pits.

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    We brought a grill but really ended up only grilling out at our campsite once
    PXL_20220604_231633647.jpg PXL_20220604_233116548.jpg
    Picked up a sticker for the bike. He thought that was awesome and says we can "get stickers from everywhere we go on the bike dad!"

    PXL_20220605_003225669.jpg Ice cream run after supper, grabbed an under the tunnel selfie.

    PXL_20220605_150339201.jpg Sunday morning, bummed about the rain. Tent kept us dry, but had to pack up in the rain, so got wet. He still wanted to watch racing in the rain. Unfortunately the track was red flagged in the first session and took them several hours to get it open again. So...he wanted to ride around the track, lol. I told him if we were going to ride around in the rain we needed to just head for home...i figured it might take us awhile if we had to stop a lot. We got luckily and really only hit a few sprinkles on the way home off and on.

    He LOVED the entire trip. Happily telling me he can't wait to go again. Very disappointed to learn he has to wait a year (unless we go to Brainard!)

    I should have tracked how many miles we rode around the track....we did LOTS of touring around the grounds on the bike...pretty sure we covered every road and trail several times. We did watch a fair amount of the races Saturday in the turn 1 grandstands, and would also ride around the track spotting the bikes as they went around.

    Anyway, sort of a sappy post, but I don't know who had more fun, him, or me doing this with him. He has been telling everyone he sees now all about it. I am sure he will remember this forever.
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      That's awesome that he wanted to go and enjoyed it. Great father and son time.
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        Sounds like a great weekend, Wil! Too bad we didn't run into you two on Saturday.
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          Very cool!
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            That's awesome.
            Such a fun trip to do !