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Welcome Aboard !!

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  • Welcome Aboard !!

    We would like to officially welcome you to

    “Wisconsin’s BEST Community for Sportbike Riders ”

    Our Motto:
    “We won’t take a free ride, but YOU can!”

    Our Philosophy:
    - Anything that comes to the site from donations or sponsors, goes directly back to the members or the site - not to the owners.
    - ‘We’ will offer the transparency you would expect because YOU helped to build it!
    - YOU give the site value. YOU will make it great! YOU should benefit from its success! YOU are why we are here!
    - YOU are why we will be….. the BEST!

    Our Sponsors:
    - We will work to bring you only relevant sportbike-related vendors or service providers – that can benefit you.
    - We will work with trackday providers to sponsor our site, by providing discounts or free rides to you !
    - We will have sponsors that offer something of benefit to you !
    - Our relationships with the sponsors will help make YOU part of the BEST sportbike riders community in Wisconsin!!

    - If you believe in what we are doing, you can contribute to the success in many ways….
    - You can contribute with helpful posts.
    - You can assist other members with bike-related technical problems.
    - You can refer new members to our community.
    - You could volunteer to help with contests, giveaways or special events.
    - You can post witty and funny comments, pictures or videos.
    - You can share your accounts of trackday or racing experiences.
    - You can share the best places for a street ride.
    - This place will be what you make of it. Make it THE BEST !!

    "The Owners":
    - We want to make YOUR new home. YOU do matter to us, and we will strive to prove it to you!
    - We are a small group of humble enthusiasts who think you deserve THE BEST.


    To help us in our efforts, you can make a monetary donation with the button below.

    Thank You !
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