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    Motovid doesn't have much in the way of track day prep for Intermediate which has worked well for me.

    But I want to try some other tracks and those organizations require more of what we're used to seeing in Advanced ... coolant swap (hence my other thread) and have oil drain plugs, oil filler caps, oil filters, or any filler/drain for any fluid system secured with safety wire.

    Anyone here willing and able (ie - have the tools and knowledge) to help me do so? I'm not inept, but I'm also not a techie wiz.
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    approx where you at?


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        In Janesville also (south side). Have safety wire pliers and wire. You will need a number of 3/32 drill bits to drill the bolts (pretty good at that. you need a very steady hand and control of the drills speed and pressure or you break the bits easy on case hardened bolts). Generally its just oil drains and fills that need wiring. You will need a stainless steel hose clamp that fits over your oil filter near its base also. Check with the track day orgs about coolant fills and drains if they need wiring. Motovid and Midwest Track Day just requires oil drain wired for advanced.

        Coolant is pretty easy. Drain, flush with water to clear out the old bad coolant and refill with the new track approved (I use Engine Ice).

        Let me know. I have a training class this sat morning from 10-1pm.
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