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RIP Ed Key

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  • RIP Ed Key

    I really looked up to Ed when i raced. I never raced lightweight so i was never on track with him. But he was always such a nice guy to all of the people that came and went in CCS. Barb always was as well, not sure if she still works for CCS?

    I remember being slightly in awe of the extent he went to make his bikes lightweight. Was neat to look at his bikes and talk to him about all the stuff he did to save an oz here and an oz there.

    Anyway, sorry to read this. Rest Easy Ed.
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    I think Barb stopped last year, dont quote me though since I only went for 2 weekends.
    Wait a minute. Look at those shifty eyes. That devious half-smile. Those kazoo-kissed lips.

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      Ed was always so smooth & consistent.
      He also had years & years & years of no crashing.