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Stoner talking about his technique at Philip Island

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  • Stoner talking about his technique at Philip Island

    Is there any rider who has a single more iconic corner then Stoner Corner? I don't think so. I always thought this was just sheer balls that no one else had to drift through this corner like he did. But he explains that he did it because he hated the front end feel, so he would roll off, then immediately crack the throttle as hard as he could to get it spinning at 165mph (265kmh) going into the corner because "you can't crash on the front end once you have the front end cocked like a flat track bike" He said you can never trust the front because of the way the ocean wind comes across....but if you get the bike spinning it makes the corner much safer because you can't lose the front and you can control the spin/slide of the rear. He would get it spinning a lot at the corner entry, and then dialing throttle in to reduce the spin to hook up on the exit, where other guys went the opposite way, dialing up the spin on the way out. Crazy.

    Thats pretty wild and something that had never crossed my mind...did a little sliding on the dirtbike over the weekend and thought about it a little bit, and it makes sense.

    I have listed to a couple clips from this interview, its pretty good. I know a lot of people hate storner, but i always liked him more then Rossi. Rossi is all staged, acting do whatever it takes to get the fans on your side and Stoner was just fuck-it this is who i am, either like me or not. He talks about his dealings with Rossi...i need to finish listening to the entire podcast.

    I still wish we could have seen Stoner V. Marquez...that would have been some epic racing.
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