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  • Iowa 61 Kartway

    Searches couldn't pull anything up on this forum, but I feel like I've overheard people talking about this place.

    It's actually closer to the Madison (and northern IL) folk than Shawano (about equidistant with RA). Are they bike friendly?

    I also sent them a message on FB, but I think they're intimidated by my profile pic or something....
    Saturday night races start 4:30. Great family atmosphere. Located in eastern Iowa.

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    I dont see anything about bikes on their page.

    and thats about 2.5 hrs from madison


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      Maybe you guys can figure out this mystery. Just north of the small town of Hilbert, which is north of Road America, tell me what you see at this link. Hopefully satellite image shows up for google maps on that link.

      It's a hidden kart track. Looks great, perfect condition. But there is no public business there. No signs out front. Once driving past, I pulled into the driveway looking for any identifying information. Nothing. It appears to be a privately owned kart track. I stopped short of knocking on the door and saying "So... um... that's a mighty fine kart track you have back there" and decided I better get my ass off of private property.

      Damn it I want my own kart track!

      John K - Appleton


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        Lol do you have some sort of algorithm for Google Satellite looking for cart tracks in the area?

        Here is a touch of info.

        Interactive map telling land owners name/llc.

        "GK LLC" HAHA that answers a lot!

        I guess you could contact this Todd dude.

        The mystery continues.
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          Originally posted by Woozuki View Post
          Are they bike friendly?
          Call and ask. Worst case they say no.

          Originally posted by Tammy View Post
          Lol do you have some sort of algorithm for Google Satellite looking for cart tracks in the area?
          Like these?

          1000cc of testosterone


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            Originally posted by Tammy View Post
            Interesting site. My house is in calumet county so I looked it up. My wife is listed as the owner, and I'm the 2nd owner? WTF. hah.

   years back had threads that popped up once in a while about hidden kart tracks that people found. Some were seriously hidden abandoned tracks in the middle of the woods. People would come back with RoundUp, weed wackers, clean them up and ride them until they get kicked out.

            Supermotojunkie is kind of dead these days as people have abandoned forums in favor of the evil that is facebook.

            John K - Appleton


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              Originally posted by Tammy View Post
              Lol do you have some sort of algorithm for Google Satellite looking for cart tracks in the area?
              This would actually be a really fun, albeit really difficult project.

              There's got to be some recognition software you could plug in with maps API to "recognize" a racetrack. Too bad race tracks also look like roads....

              Maybe I'll just code something to pull up each satellite image around me and a simple "yes" or "no" click for "Is Racetrack?". In a couple thousand hours we should have an exhaustive list, no?

              Honestly, maybe not a bad idea. My work does have a lot of down time....

              Does anyone here actually do software dev work? I can but I'm rusty. And I suck.


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                Turning this into a "Let's find all the race tracks around us and race everywhere" thread:

                Has anyone heard of "Concept Haulers"?
                UPDATE: Aaaand another no. Apparently they have one race for vintage minibikes which is their one bike day, exclusively.

                Another track 2.5 hours away (unfortunately 2.5 hours the wrong way).

                Found it using this:

                Unfortunately, it's not exhaustive (at least, for Wisconsin) as Shawano and Sugar River doesn't exist according to it.

                Other Lists:
                -Tomahawk Speedway: ,
                - - They have a little kart track
                - - Another "no". The guy had an insurance company in his signature. I really suck at this.
                - - (and America wonders why we have no future on the world stage in road racing. Blame lawyers/litigation!)
                -Eau Claire track -
                --kind of sounds like they're closing this year though
                --UPDATE: yep, developers want to develop something lamer than a race track. Responder sounded chill, too. Drat.

                Apparently Lake Geneva used to have a racing facility. Looks like it's being closed and developed into an old person's home (story of our country, really).

                Let's just find an old parking lot and do illegal races. They can't arrest all of us!
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                  Wolf Paving (Badger Kart Club) said "no". I can try and work on them a bit more if I think I can do it diplomatically.

                  I wish these places would all just acknowledge karts suck, they're a stepping stone to cars (*cringe*), and bikes are way cooler.


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                    I raced at both of these tracks about ten years ago,have track championships at both.One was Meadowview Kartway which is south of Hilbert,the other was Killsnake Kartway(the name at the time I was racing there) Still owned by Bob Schnider,under a different name now.Meadowview shut down years ago.Both owners I was good friends with,around that time I retired from kart racing and got back into bikes.


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                      BTW,Badger Kart Club is the track where Danica Patrick started racing karts.


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                        Originally posted by jgixxer07 View Post
                        BTW,Badger Kart Club is the track where Danica Patrick started racing karts.
                        I think you mean Sugar River.

                        1000cc of testosterone


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                          yes my mistake